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PostPosted: 1st May 09, 22:56
by WiredOut
Brilliant stuff. I know all of these interviews are edited slices of reality so we should be careful, but it feels like Ginger has mellowed and evolved philosophically and emotionally to a great extent in recent years. I'd started to forget what an entertainingly belligerent cuntpiece he so often used to be (or seem) in interviews. ;)

PostPosted: 1st May 09, 23:20
by DangerousBeans
Metal Hammer September 1996

PostPosted: 1st May 09, 23:21
by DangerousBeans

PostPosted: 1st May 09, 23:22
by DangerousBeans

PostPosted: 1st May 09, 23:43
by DangerousBeans
Kerrang March 20th 1999



PostPosted: 5th May 09, 13:56
by Jason_scorching_past
I've just found a couple of articles, one was Guitar magazine and is quite decent, the front cover has Ginger and Danny holding a guitar wrapped in tin foil with the caption "Geordie Best".

I also have Ginger's Kerrang Challenge where they used to quiz bands on their general knowledge, it's quite amusing. What resolution is best to scan these at for posting here?

PostPosted: 5th May 09, 15:23
by Ean
Jason_scorching_past wrote:What resolution is best to scan these at for posting here?

It very much depends on the article, and how big the text is.

I tend to use something between 300 - 600dpi to scan originally - your scanner might have a 'magazine' setting (especially if it's a Canon).

Then, taking an A4 size magazine as an example, if you resize the image so the short edge is 1000pixels, an A4 scan comes out at something like 1000x1400ish. This should be readable but not huge. Obviously, if it's only a partial page, make the appropriate adjustments.

PostPosted: 5th May 09, 18:36
by Mattie
Ginger in THIS month's Classic Rock

Feel free to move this post to the Classic Rock blog thread, wasn;t sure whether to post this in this thread anyway because it does say OLD clippings etc

MOD EDIT: Cheers Mattie, consider it moved.

PostPosted: 30th Jun 09, 01:25
by Damian
Was reading an obituary in the Guardian today and funnily enough, The Wildhearts got a look in... ... even-wells

I agree with Charlie Brooker's take on the man - namely that I disagreed with much of what he wrote but still thought he was a great writer...

PostPosted: 30th Jun 09, 09:22
by shat noir

PostPosted: 30th Jun 09, 15:12
by spoon_of_grimbo
every time i read anything posted on this thread, i wish i was 10 years older so i could have experienced all this the first time around!

PostPosted: 23rd Jul 09, 21:42
by carlwmansfield
God that review of the boro show in 96 brought back memories! I had a group of friends I used to go to gigs with from when I was 15, the first one was in October 93 when The Wildhearts supported The Almighty at the old Mayfair in Newcastle (I remember not saying a word in the que before as I was worried I'd get ID'd!) and, although none of us knew it at the time, that boro gig was the last time all of us managed to get to a gig together. It's probably my favourite ever gig because of that reason - everyone had such a good time, we just didn't realise we would all grow up! I remember arriving early and being really chuffed that the one band I hadn't been looking forward to (I think they were called blameless? - ignorance really, didn't know much about them) had been replaced by (a sadly stidi-less) Whatever, and I'd loved all their stuff at that point. And The Wildies were class!

PostPosted: 23rd Jul 09, 22:47
by Ean
shat noir wrote:The review 3 posts up.

Which magazine does that come from?

PostPosted: 23rd Jul 09, 23:12
by kriscoverdale
Kerrang IIRC

PostPosted: 23rd Jul 09, 23:16
by Ean
I thought it was, but it was the 5/5 rather than that weird electric wave thing or the Ks that made me wonder.