New album and tour

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New album and tour

Postby Owen » 29th Jun 06, 00:22

Just got back from Ginger gig in Bristol, and Ginger announced that there will be a new Wildhearts album and tour by end of the year.

After listening the the CJ interview on Rock n Roll Geek show, I believe the new album is happening because they are contracted to do one.

The gig was a classic as always with all the 'hits' and 'headfuck' and 'girls are better than boys' thrown in.

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P.S. As pleased as I am about new Wildhearts album - i hope this does not mean the end of the Sonic Circus
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Postby Damian » 29th Jun 06, 00:59

Aye - it was a great gig.

And how great is the news that the demoed songs are being made into an album. Ginger said that the line-up is "whoever turns up" and I didn't hear mention of a tour, but yes, he did say... ALBUM!

Bit excited and a bit drunk.
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Postby Keith Richard » 29th Jun 06, 08:36

Oh happy happy days!!! Possibly the Scarborough DVD / CD (although this seems to be pending settlement with Ginger), maybe a GATSC album, and now the news that I've been waiting for. 2006 shaping up to be a great one!!

Cheers, Keith.
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Re: New album and tour

Postby geordierussell » 29th Jun 06, 08:37

Owen wrote:P.S. As pleased as I am about new Wildhearts album - i hope this does not mean the end of the Sonic Circus

I completley agree.
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Postby Damian » 29th Jun 06, 10:39

Keith Richard wrote:Possibly the Scarborough DVD / CD (although this seems to be pending settlement with Ginger)

I don't think Ginger's in any hurry to see it released, judging by his comments last night. He said it was a crap show and that you should bootleg it if you can.

Obviously any musician is their own biggest critic, but he's being a bit harsh on himself. There were lots of technical and other problems, but it was still an hour and a bit of greatest hits with a load of pyro and if it wasn't the most celebratory gig they've done, it'll still look great on DVD. The fact that they weren't 'looning around' meant they played better than usual if anything, which is good because sometimes live records are a case of 'you had to be there...'
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Postby Chris Davies » 29th Jun 06, 13:44

great news indeed last night. the cheer when he announced it was amazing . he did mention there'll be a tour but he has no clue who'll be there. also he mentioned that he'll have a new solo album soon. excellent gig gotta say.
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Postby psychodoyle2002 » 29th Jun 06, 14:26

(Jumps up and down unable to do anything other than squeak)
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Postby SuperJake » 29th Jun 06, 17:10

Great news! Cheered me up greatly!
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Postby Piedude » 29th Jun 06, 17:21

Yeah, the cheers for the announcement of that and the tour of of nowhere was a brilliant moment.
"i hope this does not mean the end of the Sonic Circus"
Well he confirmed his new solo album will be out rather soon straight after the Wildhearts news so it doesnt seem like the end for them.
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Postby Zo » 30th Jun 06, 10:11

I thought the new GATSS album was going to be a collaboration between all of them though, not just solo???
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Postby kris » 30th Jun 06, 14:51

I personaly cant see Ginger laying the Wildhearts to rest forever.
Im sure he once said never say never again with whats happened in the past.
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Postby kitescreech » 30th Jun 06, 17:13

:D :D :D
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Postby weebleboy » 1st Jul 06, 19:45

As long as Ginger's writing and releasing songs I'm happy! The Wildhearts are my favourite 'incarnation', but the Sonic Circus don't deserve to be a flash in the pan either, they've been outstanding every time I've seen them live.

IMO as long as there are more Wildhearts AND Sonic Circus gig's I'll be a very happy bunny!
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Postby Sully » 4th Jul 06, 15:46

I'm not suprised by any of this but i'm well fucking chuffed.
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Postby Dave C » 4th Jul 06, 21:14

It's great that the Wildhearts will record and tour again. Without a doubt they are Gingers finest band, however that doesn't mena that I don't enjoy the other projects. Clam Abuse was great fun, Silver Ginger 5 was great retro fun and The Sonic Circus were just awesome. I don't beleive we'll be hearing that last of the Sonic Circus, I really can't wait to hear more of them.
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