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Postby sumorabbit » 8th Jul 06, 21:14

Just saw an interview with Ginger on Redemption TV (which I think may have been done at one of the pre-Download warm up shows), where he said that there will be a Wildhearts reformation, but he won't be singing in it!! Apparently he's quite happy for the other band members to reform with out him and go on tour, etc....

This of course totally contradicts his announcement at the recent (totally fantastic, I must say!!) Bristol show! Anyone else confused?!?
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Postby Chris Davies » 8th Jul 06, 22:18

maybe he was being sarcastic ???? i bloody well hope so.

The Wildhearts without Ginger just isnt The Wildhearts , it'll never happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
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Chris Davies
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Postby Cwej » 9th Jul 06, 14:00

i'll sing if he don't want to !

remembering originally he didn't want to be the singer and was always trying to get the other to step up and take some lead vocals , i's not a total surprise to hear this , and danny and cj sang in their own bands .

anyways , i'm free :P
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Postby psychodoyle2002 » 9th Jul 06, 17:40

Well he said at Islington that they were gonna try to start the record at the end of the year.
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