Who should be on the new album????

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Who should be on the new album????

Postby godofhaircare » 29th Jun 06, 13:28

This is not one of those "Definite Wildhearts Line-Up" questions. This is "Who should be on the new album?" A line-up combination we haven't seen, a tried and tested combo, a classiic combo?????

Personally I reckon they should get everyone involved - Danny and Random, Ritch and Stidi, CJ and Jef and everyone else in between. Get' em all together and see what they come up with?

What do you think?
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Postby davejnick » 29th Jun 06, 13:38

Brilliant for entertinament value if they were going to film the recording sessions for a documentary, but not sure how much work would get done.

I wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall when Mark Keds turned up.......
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Postby Cwej » 29th Jun 06, 14:18

Ginger ( natch)
CJ should also be a lock if reports that it's he and Ginger contracted to deliver the album

I think sharing the love / payday around would be good , so guest spots from ex-members who aren't nessecarily going to be in the touring line-up would be cool . That said , after the GATSS and new Maiden line-ups have gone well with 3 guitars , maybe Jef could be on board too . I'd like him to get some dollars !

No idea how Danny is with stuff , he was back for the Scarborough one-off and seemed determined to finish off the YoYos/Antiproduct tour no matter what , so he could be feeling match fit again , but if not theres no reason he couldn't be involved in the writing/recording of the album . If he's not up for touring then Random and Toshi are free .. the bass thing is a tricky question cos theres love for both Danny and Random . Random could always be an extra guitarist if Jef isn't ! Or could still contribute to the album with either co-writing or b.vox , keys , anything

Speaking of Keys , it would be great for a dose of Willie Dowling , live , recording , writing or all three ..

I think Ritch may be a better lock for taking the stool , after coming back for Scarborough , missing out before because GTA wouldn't let him out to play , and the occasional awkwardness between G and Stidi that the tour diaries revealed .

So we could be looking at the Scarborough line-up for the studio , with maybe Random on bass for the tour and Willie on live keys .

Thatsa my guesses .
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Postby geordierussell » 29th Jun 06, 14:23

I would have Connie in there
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Postby Damian » 29th Jun 06, 14:29

I think it should be whoever they choose. I'm sure some of them read this and if a large number of people express a preference for one person over another, that's hardly going to make the person in question feel great if they're involved...

I love the fact that behind Ginger you've had Jef/Danny/Ritch and you've had CJ/Jon/Stidi and both felt like proper line-ups. Whatever we end up with I'm happy. Apologies if that's a cop-out answer. Actually, no apologies!
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Postby Ross » 29th Jun 06, 14:30


I want more Sonic Circus...

Stuff the Wildhearts...

Wasn't it Ginger himself that said he only pulls the WH out when he needs to pay the bills?
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Postby Ean » 29th Jun 06, 15:00

Ross wrote::(

I want more Sonic Circus...

Stuff the Wildhearts...

Wasn't it Ginger himself that said he only pulls the WH out when he needs to pay the bills?

Yes, he did - but lets face it, if you've got to do it to satisfy a contract, you might as well go all out and end with a blast by having everybody on it.

That said, however, I'd like to see the most recent touring line-up do the album, as they seemed to have recaptured some of the magic and fun that was there at the start (and was unfortunately largely absent from the Scarborough gig IMHO).

I'd also like to have seen the Band In The Bubble experience that Cj was talking about in the interview recently (if you havent heard it, it's well worth a listen) - I'd imagine it'd have the first televised murder along with the first album recording...

So come on, bring on the promised/threatened 30 track behemoth! :D
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Postby psychodoyle2002 » 29th Jun 06, 19:32

I like the idea of a mixture of various people who've been in the band. I'd love to see loads of names in the credits... I don't think Connie or Jase should be on it (although I'd like Jase Edwards to be the man producing), I think as musicians they should be SG5/GATSS exclusively. Otherwise you might as well just have another 2 disc Ginger record.

However realistically I think the album will feature Ginger, CJ, Jon, and Ritch, and possibly Danny, if keys are required then Willie.
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Postby SchitzoStu » 30th Jun 06, 00:27

psychodoyle2002 wrote:(although I'd like Jase Edwards to be the man producing)

Now that is a truly wonderful idea.

And for the record I'd like to see the CJ, Ginger, Danny & Ritch line up do a real tour with time to get used to each other again.
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Postby Zo » 30th Jun 06, 10:09

Ean wrote:
That said, however, I'd like to see the most recent touring line-up do the album, as they seemed to have recaptured some of the magic and fun that was there at the start (and was unfortunately largely absent from the Scarborough gig IMHO).


I concur.

I could swap stidi for Ritch, cos both at the birthday gig and scarb he was brilliant, but I think to miss out on Jon's little gems of writing brilliance would be a crying shame.

Don't agree with having someone involved with writing and not touring, whoever puts the tracks down in the studio should tour.

Last 2 tours have been a hell of a whole lot of fun... so I'll stick with that line-up please :)
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Postby Keith Richard » 30th Jun 06, 10:39

I'm very much old school Wildhearts....so it's the Donington '94 / Scarborough '05 lineup for me. If keyboards necessary (and my preference is not) , then obviously Willie is the man. This needs to be a tight BAND affair, not a load of session players...good as they are.
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Postby wez_wildheart » 30th Jun 06, 14:45


without a shadow of a doubt and with no disrespect to the others
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Postby kris » 30th Jun 06, 14:47

There all good in there own ways so i couldnt possibly coment on who's best for the job.
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Postby Andy » 30th Jun 06, 22:44

wez_wildheart wrote:Ginger

without a shadow of a doubt and with no disrespect to the others

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Postby Chris Norway » 2nd Jul 06, 15:19

I think Wildhearts without CJ is a much less quality band. Dont get me wrong, I know they have produced a LOT of great tunes without CJ. But the double vocal between Ginger/CJ and CJ´s "poppy" aproach to Gingers tunes, is for me what turns a bloody great band into a fucking brilliant masterpiece of a rock and roll band.

I would love the live line-up to be Ginger, CJ, Ritch, Danny. But the studio line-up is not as important. The most important thing is that Ginger and CJ and whoever gonna play the drums is 100% into making the tunes great, creative, and fullblown Wildhearts classics ( I feel this was not the the fact at the recording of ...must be destroyed).

The bass can Ginger (or anyone around at the time) do himself, and I dont feel either Rich, Danny or Random can do much difference in the creative sessions of writing and producing the tunes. At this stage of the making of the album I feel that Stidi might be the right drummer, he can have some brilliant input in the writing sessions, and he is good at doing backing vocals.

Personally I would love the album to be in the style of "...must be destroyed", but much better and creative production, and maybe just a litlle bit harder/tougher without loosing the sing-along poppy twist. I would also love a couple of longer tunes.

It would be amazing if the band/label had money to bring in a brilliant producer and a creative mixer. To at last turn this album into the WIldhearts-album that we all know the band can deliver if all the planets and stars, and the people involved, are set right:
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