What are the Wildhearts like as people??

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What are the Wildhearts like as people??

Postby Rock Bastard » 5th Jul 06, 16:02

Hi everyone. This is my first attempt to create a topic (so go easy on me!) I was just wondering what the Wildhearts and other people Ginger has been involved with are like as people? Are they fun to be around? Are they total dicks or are you like me and never been lucky enough to meet any of them? Who have you met and what are they like?

I'd be interested to know to see if the whole "keep your heroes at arms length" thing relates to these guys as people sometimes say that meeting your heroes is the worst thing you can do as you'll be hugely dissapointed.

So what do you think?
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Postby wez_wildheart » 5th Jul 06, 16:24

The Wildhearts are quite simply the nicest band i have ever met by far.just a bunch of guys playing their music and having a good laugh afterwards.

i mean i always had a great bit of banter with Stidi, Danny and Ginger as i'm a Sunderland supporter and Random is just funny as fuck. CJ? soooooo laid back and approachable.

i mean at the end of the day just talk to them as a human fucking being and dont give the massive fanboy i looooooooooove you routine.

i have NEVER had a bad time having a drink with them before shows and after.and that includes their road crew.

basically just fucking good guys
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Postby Chris Davies » 5th Jul 06, 19:34

met Ginger on two occasions , hes really nice maybe a tad ignorant but then again when you have me just standing there making an arse of myself buy just constantly saying shit in front of him he may have reasons too lol. well hes been kind enough to sign things for me and give a few handshakes , so yeah cant complain.

Random Jon Poole is simply the nicest man alive. he is just a great laugh , very interesting bloke and likes a good chat. top bloke gotta say
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Postby godofhaircare » 6th Jul 06, 10:44

Have met Ginger bout three or four times now. Had a nice discussion about flame tattoos, he's got some flames I've got some flames seemed liked a good idea to talk about them. I asked to get a picture with him and my bloody digital camera deciided to die at that point. He was very nice and waited for my friend to get his mobile phone and take a pic with that. Nice bloke, normal guy just like me and you except he writes amazing music.
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Postby Wilddan1 » 6th Jul 06, 10:58

Random is a top bloke and loves to chat with anyone and everyone about anything.

Ginger can be very quiet and moody at gigs sometimes ( Especially if the turnout is poor ) but I get on with him great when chatting on MSN, a very intelligent and articulate man.

Danny has always been my fave member to chat to and he and I have shared a few drinks befor the Yo Yo's gigs, I hope his new project comes to light soon cos I will be there!!!

( I know its a wildhearts topic but I got to add the circus guys too )

Luis is just fantastic and comes to say hi to Hannah and I at every show we attend, he is always ready for a laugh and a hug or 3 :lol:

Ralph is a great guy to chat too, especialy if you like a bit of sax music and don't just talk shit. ( you should check out his myspace for a track by the Bullets that he plays on )
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Postby EvilNeil » 6th Jul 06, 12:31

Ritch is really nice, i met him at a train station and our train was delayed so i got to talk to him for just over an hour which was really cool

Danny's cool, a complete nutter but cool

Jef i spoke to breifly at Scarbourgh and he seemed pretty cool

i've never spoken to random or stidi

CJ is prob the most laid back person i've ever met

then there's ginger.... the fist time i met him i was really disapointed, he was really arrogant and was just a twat in general but at the same time he did dedicate 'i wanna go where the people go' to me and my girlfriend, so i forgave him. i've met him a couple of times since and he's still acted like a cocky teenager, but yet when you read his reviews or the ginger says section on wildhearts.com he seems so down to earth, so fuck knows!!!
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Postby Zo » 6th Jul 06, 13:08

Am currently gigglin at the comments about Ginger - just goes to prove that he's human like the rest of us, eh?? Not everyone is in a good mood all of the time!!

Have been a very lucky lady and gotten to speak to all of em many times, with the exception of Ritch!

They're all top blokes!

CJ can be the most laid back and polite guy you'd evr meet, but he also has a wicked sense of humour when he's got one on him. Stidi makes me chuckle, such a friendly guy who will always give you free beer! Danny's a sweetheart. Random is as crazy as you'd think - although he has got a sane side too (as scary as that sounds!) and has got to be one of the nicest blokes I've ever met. Genuinely. As for Ginge - really funny guy. Met him after good gigs and bad gigs, seen him quiet and giddy, happy and sad, he's a genuine guy - and I find him to be very honest and thoroughly nice :)

There's my tuppence worth!
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Postby Rock Bastard » 6th Jul 06, 14:47

Awww! you guys make me jealous! I'd love to meet the guys! Oh Well, one day it will happen fingers crossed! :D :D
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Postby davejnick » 6th Jul 06, 21:51

Ginger - met him twice and both times he was pleasant and chatty, and semed thrilled that I said something more than "wow, love the new album".

Danny - again, met him twice and can't think of any way that he could have been nicer. Happily posed for a photo that was being taken by a drunken mate who could barely hold the camera, and had a good chat about The Chasers. Top bloke.

CJ - Again, twice. First time he took the piss cos my missus at the time fancied him, second time he took the piss and called me a sad bastard cos I asked him to sign the Japanese Best Of ("£30-odd for stuff you already own? Are you maaaaad?") Again, top bloke.

Random - Just the one meeting, but the guy has a way of making you feel like a lifelong friend even when you're just a sunburnt fan at Donington asking for an autograph. If he ever decides to give up playing the bass and asking people to bum his arse, he could run for Parliament and he'd win any election, no matter who the opposition were.

Luis - Funny, friendly, happy to chat and yet another all-round nice bloke. Your round next time though, Luis!

Actually, haven't seen anyone with a Ginger connection act like a wanker.

In fact, two of the nicest fellas I've met were the Cyborgs.....
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Top Blokes

Postby fonzie » 7th Jul 06, 17:10

Met Ginger and Jon on wedensday night in Glasgow. Top blokes what more can i say.
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Postby tex » 8th Jul 06, 20:40

Only met Ginger on two occasions. Signed my ticket stub at the Barras in, I think, 93 when they supported The Almighty (SUPPORTED!! The FUCKING Almighty!!!??? I ask you??) Might have been 94, my memory aint so good.

I told him I had only heard of them when I saw them supporting Alice in Chains as the last minute replacments for The Screaming Trees and he said he thought they were much better now with the new drummer. To which I said "Ritch?" and shook my hand and seemd genuinely excited that some 15 year old kid from Cumbernauld even knew the guys name!!!

I was well cuffed and lauded it over my mate Dave at school the next day!!!

Other time was in Sleazy's before a Garage gig, i got his autograph then left him alone. There were already load of people vying for his attention so I left them to it as I get the impression he could get a bit shirty with all that!!

But, in my experience, nice bloke!!!!
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Postby Andrew » 8th Jul 06, 21:08

Only had one brief snippet of conversation - it was at one of the Changes One gigs in Kensington (may have been Damofest or the showcase gig - can't remember which).

I was coming out of the bogs - he was going in. I said "Hi Ginger", he smiled and said hello back.

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Postby SteveP » 8th Jul 06, 22:41

tex wrote:, 93 when they supported The Almighty (SUPPORTED!! The FUCKING Almighty!!!??? I ask you??) Might have been 94, my memory aint so good.

Your memory isn't as bad as you thought, yes it was September/ October/ November 1993
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Postby SteveP » 8th Jul 06, 22:57

Ginger:- Outside St James' Park last season before the Blackburn game, quick chat about VDC and asking if he was touring the album, various hellos and nodded heads at each other at acoustic gigs

CJ:- Never spoken to him, I find he's very elusive when up this way with the Wildhearts

Stidi:- Hand shake and hello at Ku Klub in sunderland prior to the Wildhearts last UK tour

Ritch:- Same as CJ, never spoken to him

Danny:- SG5 gig at Newcastle University, also the last time the Wildhearts played Newcastle (May 04), talk to him every time I see him at Ginger acoustic gigs, always remembers my face, had a good chinwag last week at the Academy and we were a few of the last to lave the gig!!!

Random:- What can you say, a most polite man in public, always seems genuinely pleased to speak to fans, total opposite from the complete lunatic he turns into on stage!!!

Jef:- Spoken to him twice, when Plan A supported Ginger on acoustic tours, great bloke, ordered Just Left Acton from their site, Royal Mail lost it, emailed him, and had a replacement sent out in less than 2 days.

Other former members (Willie, Devin, Snake, Bam etc):- never seen em, apart from Willie when supporting Ginger on last acoustic tour, never got to speak to him.
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Postby Damian » 9th Jul 06, 18:28

I've only met Danny and Random (and on a related note Willie Dowling). All three were absolutely lovely.
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