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Postby markE » 11th Jul 06, 10:15

danny signed my ticket at the moodswingers gig in the garage and was very nice.
have seen ginger several times at other peoples gigs (spike and i think maybe tyla at the borderline) but did n't like to bother him
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Postby fonzie » 11th Jul 06, 18:18

I myself, would say it would be an honour to support THE ALFUCKING MIGHTY. They are a great band.
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Postby USIGP GAL » 11th Jul 06, 18:32

Met Ginger and Jon in NYC....very nice, even for all the chaos that was surrounding them...met CJ briefly in Chicago in 2004 on The Darkness tour, never met the others.

and...Conny Bloom....rarrrrrr....stand up guy all the way around. Beautiful inside and out!
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Postby RDP » 11th Jul 06, 18:58

Met Ginger years ago when touring the Endless... tracks, think it was brighton, but can't quite remember, was really friendly and he tried to sign my ticket but the pen ran out (got a nice etch mind!). Also met Danny at Scarborough (lovely person), Conny in the Travelodge before the Garage gig (again, friendly and decent) and Random at Travelodge (again) on the morning after the Nottingham show during the last full G&TSS tour (he was as friendly as could be). Also shook Jase's hand at the Sheffield gig recently!
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Postby rockadler » 11th Jul 06, 20:11

I spent four days and nights with the Yo-Yo's on their German Tour with the Spacebrains. Those were the four B-E-S-T F****** days in my whole life. Danny is the most lovely person in the world, so funny and nice. He talked to me like we knew each other for years, even about his drug problems and relation to the other Wildhearts. We slept in gymnasiums and tents and killed every bottle of booze out there....

...I never will forget these nights....
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Postby niallc » 12th Jul 06, 09:48

Met Ginger outside the venue in Dublin a couple of years ago and had a great 15 minute or so chat with him - and young Wez, quite a lot of which Ginger repeated from stage that night regarding the smoking ban over here, then I rang my girlfriend in work and he chatted away to her for a couple of minutes, met CJ Random and Stidi after that show as well, all lovely guys and well up for a chat over a beer, good times!!
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Postby Brawny » 24th Jul 06, 03:14

Obnly met any of them once - after the southampton gig a couple of years back

Didn't get to talk to CJ and Ginger much, they were both obviously tired out (this was towards the end of the HUGE 2004 tour)

However sat and chatted with Stidi fo a bit, and then had a huge long indepth conversation with the nicest man in Rock.. mr Random Jon Poole!
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