Moodswings and Roundabouts

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Moodswings and Roundabouts

Postby ScottCorey » 30th May 10, 16:57

Fellow Wildhearts Fans please help me track down a copy of "moodswings and roundabouts"!!!
Anyone who can help, drop me a line
Cheers Guys, Keep on Rockin'!!!! :D :D :D
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Re: Moodswings and Roundabouts

Postby Zoloft » 30th May 10, 19:30

It's on ebay frequently, just keep your eyes out for a decent price. Around $100 USD seems to be a fair average.
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Re: Moodswings and Roundabouts

Postby SenselessThing » 31st May 10, 09:17

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Re: Moodswings and Roundabouts

Postby WailedHut » 11th Jun 10, 12:31

I got a copy from a couple of years back, cost about £45 then. The Ginger one looks very thin in the photo on the lyrics booklet.
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