Chutzpah! vinyl release date??????????

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Chutzpah! vinyl release date??????????

Postby ArthurLEE » 17th Jun 10, 08:44

So... Are the Pressing plants dry on plastic? or what is the
main problem with the release for Chutzpah! on VINYL??

PLEASE someone give us some news on this!!

...or will Chutzpah! on VINYL be a case for the Bootlegging

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Re: Chutzpah! vinyl release date??????????

Postby joniakaidiot » 8th Jul 10, 19:41

Hehe, my mate from Pietarsaari appears to be slightly impatient, eh? ;)

Btw, did those discunion guys ever reply?
I saw they still had that LP up for sale you were excited about (M.S.).
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