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PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 15:57
by Andy

Anyone checked out CJ's new tracks on above site?
They are fantastic and his album due in September should be brilliant.

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 16:06
by L.O.V.E
theyre fucking awesome!! quality rock and roll ! :P

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 16:58
by skychaserhigh
quality rock n roll

the best cj solo stuff yet

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 17:02
by L.O.V.E
hes a genius like , thts for sure!

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 19:20
by Glen666
Really impressed with those songs, should be a great album.

PostPosted: 18th Feb 06, 10:35
by carlosconnelli
yea, cj is awesome, hes got a real distinctive voice and can write some great tunes, cant wait for the album!

PostPosted: 18th Feb 06, 12:14
by L.O.V.E
whens it due out?

PostPosted: 18th Feb 06, 15:10
by Gimpston
it sounds really cool! think it said it was out in September this year

PostPosted: 18th Feb 06, 20:20
by L.O.V.E
sweet , not long really :D cant wait

PostPosted: 18th Feb 06, 20:29
by Peesh Junkster
CJ is the Beast from the East!!! He was sorely missed when he was ejected from the Wildhearts in '94. Yeah, Jef with 1 'f' was a great eventual replacement, but Ginger and CJ's vocals always sounded fuckin so good together!!! CJ is a true Wildheart! Great to see him back and writing some awesome tunes. Cant wait for the Album and Tour. Bring it on :twisted:

PostPosted: 18th Feb 06, 22:42
by craigdopes
This sounds QUALITY!!!!!! :twisted:


PostPosted: 19th Feb 06, 13:17
by Sully
Some good tunes there. Says he played all the instuments himself too. I'll be buying this as soon as its released.

PostPosted: 21st Feb 06, 01:43
by mattboy71
I think the new songs are awesome. I really love "Girls On Fire."

PostPosted: 21st Feb 06, 01:50
by Baby Chaos
Love the melody.

Was I the only one who could hear Ginger singing a harmony over the top in my head?