Quick question (landmines and pantomimes).

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Quick question (landmines and pantomimes).

Postby piesJoy » 20th Jul 10, 22:48

What is the status of 'landmines and pantomimes'. I'm sure I have read somewhere that its unofficial. I used to own a copy I bought from HMV a long time ago though, and wondered. From what I rememeber Abhoria and Tom take the money are excellent as well.
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Re: Quick question (landmines and pantomimes).

Postby Stuart Brackpool » 21st Jul 10, 11:21

Unsanctioned but legally released, I'd say. The first six tracks, the new demos, were all good. Abhoria was my favourite.
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Re: Quick question (landmines and pantomimes).

Postby Jason_scorching_past » 21st Jul 10, 13:29

I gather the label that released it was run by this guy called Jeff Gillespie who worked at EW with the WIldhearts. The story is they weren't big fans of his and then he released this under that label and they didn't receive any money for it.
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