Download only track "Borderline"

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Re: Download only track "Borderline"

Postby Ean » 5th Sep 10, 19:39

Jason_scorching_past wrote:
Piedude wrote:Surely the point of real interest here is that the original studio version of Zeen is now out there....

Yes, I'd love to hear that. Any chance Kyukyuichi could share this somewhere with band permission?

Assuming it is that, I don't see why not. If he wants to bung me a Wav file of it, I'll see what we can do.
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Re: Download only track "Borderline"

Postby Jason_scorching_past » 5th Sep 10, 19:42

Nice one, cheers.
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Re: Download only track "Borderline"

Postby Stuart Brackpool » 6th Sep 10, 14:39

Ean wrote:
Stuart Brackpool wrote:Is the live version of Zeen Requiem from the Wolverhampton gig a few years ago still available somewhere? It has a rather neat drum fill at the end, I believe. Only ever heard it at the gig so don't remember.



Got it. Thanks, Ean.

Looking forward to this unheard studio version.
Stuart Brackpool
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