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Johnny wash 'n go

PostPosted: 25th Jul 06, 09:50
by rockadler
Hi there!

Can anyone help me out please?!?!?!?!

I have everything the Wildhearts have ever recorded, from "Mondo Akimbo" to the last single "Top of the world". Even rare stuff like "Just stay" or the demos with Snake on vocals.

The only little f***** I'm missing is "Johnny wash 'n go"!

Has anyone out there a link, where I can download it or can send me an MP3!

My thankfulness will always follow you.........

PostPosted: 25th Jul 06, 10:52
by ArcticFox
I can send you an mp3 of johnny wash n go when I get home... at work right now. Send me an e-mail to remind me.

What's Just stay? Not heard of that one.

PostPosted: 25th Jul 06, 11:05
by rockadler

That'l be great, thank you very much...please send it to:

"Just stay" is an early version of "And the bullshit goes on" with different lyrics and a totaly different chorus. I can try to send it to you as mp3 as well, can take a moment because I must convert it first....

PostPosted: 25th Jul 06, 11:12
by ArcticFox
Yeah that would be great...

Johnny Wash n Go on it's way this evening! :)

PostPosted: 27th Jul 06, 21:52
by EvilElvis
Any chance I could get an mp3 of Johnny Wash N Go
And the BullShit Goes On and Just Stay?

My email address is