News of goddamn interest...

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News of goddamn interest...

Postby Radish » 2nd Aug 06, 08:46

So, just in case anybody misses that the Cardiacs are playing a one-off in November, and the news of the support (skip to the bottom if you have to), here's the e-mail -
There now follows an announcement from THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN


Recently THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN asked YOU for your opinions
regarding your favourite group=92s decision to forgo all live
performances until new recordings are completed.

Despite the recording commitments that have been imposed upon them,
Cardiacs were so overwhelmed by your response to their pathetic
conundrum that they begged to change the course of fate.

Never wanting to bite the hand that feeds, and in showing respect and
loyalty to YOU, THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN have deemed it
appropriate at this time to announce the unflinching truth that
Cardiacs WILL play in London in November.
Your letters have proved just the tonic the band needed after the
recent spate of Biblical Woe rained upon them, courtesy of The
Vengeful Concern.

No one likes a show off, but someone or perhaps someones
have been getting rather big for their boots.

The matter has been looked into and corrected.

The concert will NOT impede Cardiacs recording commitments.

A tally has been made of the songs YOU would like Cardiacs to perform.
In the spirit of fair play, and in what THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN

see as a BINDING OBLIGATION this tally has been passed onto the band
themselves in an envelope marked 'SURLY EVIDENCE'.


Cardiacs will be supported by very special guests THE GODDAMN WHORES.

Despite their blue moniker, THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN can
reveal the THE GODDAMN WHORES are Random Jon Poole's astonishing new
Jon, who used to play guitar in Cardiacs and is currently in The
Wildhearts, will be joined on stage by Ginger (out of The Wildhearts)
and Dean Pearson (out of The Flowers of Evil). Other star musicians
are yet to be announced.

This concert will be a good thing to attend.

As always, YOU will do well to buy tickets early.

Box office 0870 060 3777
Online sales
Online sales

With respect


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Postby Dave C » 2nd Aug 06, 10:01

Ooo, now then, am I free in November, can I get to London? Damn those Cardiacs, what's wrong with Manchester.
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Postby Radish » 2nd Aug 06, 16:10

Well as they're supposed to be recording and not coming out of the studio until they're finished I guess we're lucky to get a chance to see them anywhere. And can't help but be intrigued by the prospect of seeing Ginger guest for somebody, usually the other way around!
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Postby markE » 2nd Aug 06, 16:45

didn't he do a guest slot as "the unrehearsed" a few years back? - a covers band. can't remember much else about it but i think there was an article on "she didn't like rock n roll"
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Postby Ean » 2nd Aug 06, 20:06

I thought Jon'd admitted that the GDW were completely made up? :?
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Postby Chris Davies » 2nd Aug 06, 20:53

yeah he did. hmmm well he said that he had about 3 or 4 albums worth of music done. but there was no actual band lined up.

this project now seems to include Ginger so maybe its always been there as the Godamn Whores but now its seeing the light of day with other musicians.

grrr i dunno :D
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Postby If In Doubt Get Drunk » 3rd Aug 06, 00:23

markE wrote:didn't he do a guest slot as "the unrehearsed" a few years back? - a covers band. can't remember much else about it but i think there was an article on "she didn't like rock n roll"

Was that supporting the Backyard Babies?

I also remember him supporting Napalm Death and using the GAY sign at The Astoria and stating it stood for Gingers Angry Youths!
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Postby davejnick » 9th Aug 06, 19:16

I was talking to a friend (whose memory is much better than mine) about GDW, and she remembered something about Jon getting a band together with an old friend that he hadn't seen for a while, who became GDW, the lineup also including some deranged nutcase who made Random look like a choirboy. They signed on with a record company that nobody had ever heard of, but then it all came to an abrupt end for some reason? This being the rock biz, I usppose it could have been anything from women getting in the way to arguments over whose turn it was to buy the sherbert dips, but I never heard any more about GDW til this Cardiacs show was announced. Thought it was another one of the great "lost" projects. Obviously not!
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Postby goldenapplecorps » 31st Aug 06, 10:41

The tale went something like this...

“Time for the world to meet my band”. The Whores are Jon Poole-Lead vocals/Lead guitar, The Beaver-Bass/voices+chants, Jo Sparks - Rhythm guitar/voices+chants Ben Jones-Drums/voices+chants.

“I met The Beaver in July 2002 at a party that he'd gate-crashed. He is brash, eccentric and sometimes speaks in an upper class accent. He definitely has a working class background though (whatever he may claim) if nothing else you can hear it in his cockney slur when he hits the spirits. He thinks he's a womaniser but he's usually too drunk to womanise. He is a character. It wasn't 'til I found him staying on various friend's couches that I realised that he has no fixed abode - hence the gate-crashing of the party I met him at. He is a chancer. For a homeless person he scrubs up pretty good and for a drunk he keeps his shit together and he can certainly PLAY the bass. When he grows up he wants to be Peter Cook .He is very shady about his past and no one actually knows where he came from. I don't think I want to know...

Jo Sparks is an acid casualty and lives in a tiny remote village somewhere in Hertfordshire with his parents. He’s safe there, he’s a sweetheart and we all love him very much. He has a cosmic head that’s so pre-occupied with the big picture that you have to really focus his attentions on the tiny things. When he does focus then those tiny things can sometimes move him to tears...

Ben Jones is an old school friend of mine whom I hadn't seen since I was 11 years old until I bumped into him at a local gig in Brighton. When he was a kid he was a spoilt brat. (Don't ever mention the Marmite sandwiches and celery incident that happened in '78.He won't let it go-the ungrateful little sod.) Anyway he is still temperamental, still throws the same poxy tantrums in the same poxy squeaky voice as he had when he was a kid and we tolerate this why? For rock'n' roll with a solid back beat. He is an essential part of the Jigasaurus Rex... ...We are The God Damn Whores”. Jon Poole - Sun, 22nd May, 2005 3.23am
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Postby Col » 31st Aug 06, 13:59

didn't it all turn out to be made up?
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Postby Michael Wade » 31st Aug 06, 14:51

It might be the last chance to have a drink at the Keith Moon bar.
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Postby Michael Wade » 6th Sep 06, 01:45

I was able to confirm this is on for sure. Who will make the trip, and would you stay in town Saturday Night?
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Postby Damian » 17th Sep 06, 18:48

Booked my tickets today. Hooray!

We're staying in our friends' wee flat, but for anyone needing a hotel there are some £26 Travelodge rooms available as they just added a load on Fridays and Sundays from now until the end of November...
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