Ebay Super Rare Wildheart Item

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Ebay Super Rare Wildheart Item

Postby skychaserhigh » 14th Aug 06, 17:44

This is not my auction (i'm not spamming)

Just thought it was a cool item

Item number 110021414683
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Postby geordierussell » 14th Aug 06, 19:04

great item

shame I am skint
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Postby blackdeathcrew » 14th Aug 06, 20:04

Nice different thing to get signed 8)
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Postby Keith Richard » 14th Aug 06, 23:44

So who's "lexypie"?
cause the chances are good that it wont let you down, like maybe drinking with Keith, or seeing Dolly Parton's tits...
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