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Old Pictures

PostPosted: 8th Sep 06, 20:25
by Orient
Does anyone know where I can find old pictures of the band? specifically the stuff from Kerrang! around the time time of "fishing for luckies"..96/97 time? . I'm sure there must be a site out there somewhere with old pics on but it if exists I'm having trouble finding it!

PostPosted: 8th Sep 06, 21:13
by Col


PostPosted: 11th Sep 06, 19:29
by Orient
Thanks :D

PostPosted: 12th Sep 06, 14:24
by sonicshake
Anyone got any pics of Ginger when he was with The Quireboys? Cheers.

PostPosted: 12th Sep 06, 16:06
by Trudi

PostPosted: 14th Sep 06, 15:57
by sonicshake

Thanks for that!

There were a couple o' good 'uns in there.

I especially liked the one where he's playing a hideous, pink guitar and looking like he's fucked off his face!

PostPosted: 8th Oct 06, 01:50
by shat noir
not what you were lookin for but here's a few crappy old live pics