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Wildhearts Shirts for sale

PostPosted: 11th Sep 06, 22:18
by Andy

Check out above link I came across for WH T Shirts.

PostPosted: 11th Sep 06, 22:52
by Col
Looks good, but are they shipped from Argentina (.ar)?

PostPosted: 12th Sep 06, 11:53
by Andy
Col wrote:Looks good, but are they shipped from Argentina (.ar)?

Not sure. Iv'e emailed em asking for price of the one WH dvd on the site. No reply as yet.

PostPosted: 12th Sep 06, 14:25
by Keith Richard
Nice looking T shirts but I'd be sceptical at the quality and the life expectancy of the print. The DVD is the one recorded in London (can't remember exactly where) in 2004 and I have found with my copy that the audio and video get way out of synch.

PostPosted: 12th Sep 06, 14:37
by mighty_moose
Keith Richard wrote:Nice looking T shirts but I'd be sceptical at the quality and the life expectancy of the print.

bit like the valor shirt i bought on the acoustic tour. great till i washed it, then it turned into the sort of really tight top my sister used to wear, and nearly broke my ribs when i put it on! :? mind you, since the missus has been pregnant shes done a star job in stretching it for me... 8)

PostPosted: 12th Sep 06, 14:39
by Michael Wade
Hammersmith Palais 10 May 2004

PostPosted: 14th Sep 06, 20:18
by Col
I asked for a price and got this reply:
Dear Colin,
Thanks for contacting us. With reference to your question, prices vary
between T-shirts, then we would suggest you to detail the specific
Wildhearts T-shirt designs of your interest for pricing information. The
T-shirts are available in all sizes (S, M, L, XL or XXL), shortsleeves or
longsleeves, Black or White cotton. Custom sizes on special order. We also
do handpainted T-shirts "by request", if there is some special design that
you would like to have we'll work with you, or else you can customize your
own tee to safisfy your requirements. We use high quality flexible
non-breakable paint, colours won't fade away. 100% cotton, soft to the
touch, will not crack or peel. Permanent, non-toxic, completely machine wash
and dry cleanable. Please also don't forget to specify your location.
We are curently located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


PostPosted: 15th Sep 06, 17:29
by Keith Richard
That's hysterical....exactly what it says on the website. I notice here's no mention of guarantees.