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Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 2nd Mar 06, 02:29

The 'Hey Ho!' EP is sold out - they only made 1000. I expect you can find it on eBay though.

I saw Plan A in Camden last night and they were bloody great!
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Postby Zo » 2nd Mar 06, 19:37

Oh dear.

See NOW you've put an idea in me head havent ya??

Plan A as support would be AWESOME!!!
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Postby Col » 15th Apr 06, 19:44

I just bought Out of here EP from their site, tis good stuff.

New EP being mixed as we speak.
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Postby pissjoy » 16th Apr 06, 21:27

never heard these before
cheers for pointin em out
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Postby weebleboy » 19th Apr 06, 02:51

PLAN A are mint! They should be on at Download, Reading/Leeds, the Bulldog Bash, the Gosforth Gathering and every other festival thats worth attending! Moreso, they should come back to the North East sometime soon, cos we miss Jef and the lads!
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