What's the coolest song played live??

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What's the coolest song played live??

Postby jonesy jones » 21st Sep 06, 19:55


Just a quick question - Which Wildhearts song do you think is the best played live??

Got to be Caprice for me.


jonesy jones
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Postby AndyRoo » 22nd Sep 06, 00:39

For me, I saw the boys play in Newcastle in about 1994, starting with S.I.N. (In Sin) which was tremendous, ginger, danny and CJ all "hiding" behind amps as it started and moving out when the sing started kicking, great song, great performance.

I've seen them several times before and after, but that one song sticks with me more than any other
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Postby kitescreech » 22nd Sep 06, 07:36

Probably "Geordie..." cos everyone sings it - and the chorus is so memorable that even if you dont know it, you can pick it up.
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Postby EvilNeil » 22nd Sep 06, 12:37

ZOMBOID!! i've only seem them play it once, but it sounded so powerful. It completly stood out from everything else in the set!!
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Postby godofhaircare » 22nd Sep 06, 12:49

In my younger days it was "Suckerpunch" cause everyone would go apeshit during it. Guranteed to start a pyscho mosh pit of immense proportions with cool bouncy bit at the end.

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Postby ArcticFox » 22nd Sep 06, 12:50

yeah Zomboid was class...

I enjoy the songs that you don't expect them to play the most. Like when they did Girlfriend Clothes and Beautiful Thing You back in 2004
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Postby skychaserhigh » 22nd Sep 06, 18:25

I Love Everlone but they seldom played it live, :cry:

Headfuck was always a good one live :P
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Postby getting it on tuesday » 23rd Sep 06, 09:31

i think everlone is one of the most common songs they play live
getting it on tuesday
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Postby dyanetski » 23rd Sep 06, 19:37

Nita Nitro! The first time I saw them they played looking for the one, but I dont remember it :(
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Postby EvilElvis » 23rd Sep 06, 23:43


Even if I only saw them play it once.
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Postby Dave C » 24th Sep 06, 18:23

I loved hearing Sky Babies live, truly wonderful song.
Dave C
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Postby markE » 25th Sep 06, 10:10

headfuck - every time i hear it live i have to bounce around like a loon ( carefully avoiding bumping into people that don't want to be bumped of course.)
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Postby Keith Richard » 25th Sep 06, 12:48

Schitzophonic was pretty cool last time they played in Glasgow.
cause the chances are good that it wont let you down, like maybe drinking with Keith, or seeing Dolly Parton's tits...
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Postby EvilNeil » 25th Sep 06, 15:10

Dave C wrote:I loved hearing Sky Babies live, truly wonderful song.

Sky babies rocks so hard live, and to think they took it out of their set because people complained that it was to long and boring live!!! shame on them!!
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Postby kriscoverdale » 26th Sep 06, 15:44

skychaserhigh wrote:I Love Everlone but they seldom played it live, :cry:

Cough, cough.

That's my standard nip to the loo and then the bar song: it's long enough for both and I've heard it at nearly every WH gig I've ever been too. Great song, but a little over-exposed methinks. It looks like great fun to play tho, which is probably why they always wheel it out.
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