The Water Rats

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The Water Rats

Postby SuperJake » 8th Oct 06, 13:50

CJ's playing at the water rats in london, I was just wondering does anyone know if it's an over 18 venue? 'Cos I want to go, although we could probably pass off as 18 I don't want to go all the way to london just to get chucked out.
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Postby beerofthedark » 9th Oct 06, 09:33

Not been there before, but we're off to see Zombina & the Skeletones there in a few weeks and that is quite definitely over 18s. I couldn't tell you how strict they are on it, cos i've not looked under 18 since i was 15 :lol:
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Postby SuperJake » 9th Oct 06, 15:15

Damnation, I really wanted to go to that :( .
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Postby kris » 9th Oct 06, 15:49

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Postby Arm Squirrel » 14th Oct 06, 15:21

Curses Batman! The CJ gig clashes with the Backyard Babies gig at the Mean Fiddler. Why can't we get CJ to support them and get the best of both worlds? Woah... Just read on the other CJ thread that the dates have been changed again. Thankfully the London date's on the 28th!!!
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