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PostPosted: 19th Feb 06, 20:25
by shat noir

Anyone else got any?

PostPosted: 19th Feb 06, 20:35
by Chris Davies
funnily enough im going for my very first tattoo tomorrow and it is of the smiley bones , very nervous about it too and its costing me £110 it better be good , just wondering how painfull are tattoos ? and be honest please :D

PostPosted: 19th Feb 06, 21:07
by shat noir
Don't be worrying about it, it won't be unbearable.. Where you getting it done?

PostPosted: 19th Feb 06, 21:07
by Hannah
Yay for tattoos! I have 'locos tambien' on my lower back. And nice one Chris, I shall be expecting pix... As for the pain, it depends where you're getting it. I sailed through my WH, but the AP one across my shoulder blades, I nearly threw up with the pain. Have a large vodka ready for after! But it's always worth it. Good luck hon!


PostPosted: 19th Feb 06, 21:37
by Chris Davies
thanks han , yup i shall be taking pics and try showing it off lol hope it wont hurt too much though. to answer your question shat noir im having it on the top of my left arm , and having it done in a place called tat2u in swansea , im 16 but they were kind and said as long as im with a parent i can have it done YES , so now im a bit nervous but nothing that cant be sorted afterwards with some vodka :D good advice han , thank you

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 14:40
by pglove
Hi - I've got 'the Wildhearts' on my left arm with a tribal design around it

Got it done about 6 years ago - and I love it.

..and in December last year I had another that was based on the SG5 (UK version) album cover - I just took away the wings from behind the star and modified it so that instead of SG5 written across the star, it said PSG (my initials)

Embrace the pain Chris :twisted: . Looking forward to seeing it - will try to get pics of mine on here soon

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 16:56
by Andy
How do you go about adding pics?


PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 20:28
by Chris Davies

FIrst pic of the tat its very painfull at the momnet will take more in due time , i love it think its hell of a job , it wasnt to painfull although it still made me faint lol , oh well it was worth it , i think its great


PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 20:29
by Chris Davies
and to answer you question andy , i went to and used the url it gave me hotlink for forums (1) if thats any help

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 20:49
by Piedude
Thats a good tattoo there, good detail...bigger than I thought it'd be too...

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 21:33
by Hannah
That looks ace hon, nice one!


PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 22:29
by Andy
Chris Davies wrote:and to answer you question andy , i went to and used the url it gave me hotlink for forums (1) if thats any help

Thanks for help Chris but it just seems so complicated to me having to register to one of them many sites. I was hoping it was going to be posible to add pix via this message board.

PostPosted: 21st Feb 06, 15:32
by Bones
I´ve got both smileys the green end the more yellow one... and more will be done 8)

PostPosted: 22nd Feb 06, 07:57
by shat noir
Nice one Chris.. Lookin well :D

Bones, any pics?

PostPosted: 23rd Feb 06, 14:51
by fluffygrue
I chatted to a guy at the London gig who had the coolest Earth vs.artwork tattoos on his arm. I'm not much of a tattoo person, but I always get envious when I see WH-related ones..