Greatest riffs?

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Greatest riffs?

Postby Keith Richard » 17th Oct 06, 20:35

One of the primary reasons I'm so hooked on the Wildhearts is the riffs. If I were asked to pick one stand out riff section it'd probably be the one towards the close of Action Panzer. There are some great (and creative) riffs on Skybabies and many of the older "b" sides. What are your standout Wildhearts riffs?
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Postby Col » 17th Oct 06, 20:46

At the moment it's the beginning of Friend for 5 mins.
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Postby beerofthedark » 18th Oct 06, 11:12

Everlone contains some of my favourites - so many others as well, but, as i think i said on another thread, those circular riffs in the middle just kick serious arse 8) And the intro is pretty unbeatable too.
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Postby davejnick » 18th Oct 06, 20:35

Best song would get a totally different answer, but best riff? Zomboid.
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Postby neiljunkster » 19th Oct 06, 16:48

For me its gotta be the change in Shame On Me or the mental bit in OCD.
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Postby shockingcandy » 19th Oct 06, 17:08

The start and finish of Caprice, the main riff in Nita Nitro and pretty much of all Inglorious!
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Postby WiredOut » 20th Oct 06, 19:00

I've always loved 'Do Anything''s heavy glam-funk leviathan of a riff. Great distorted robo-pop rapping, too.



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Postby markE » 23rd Oct 06, 10:26

almost anything of earth versus now that album really should be called riff after riff after motherfucking riff :twisted:
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