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Postby Ady » 2nd Nov 06, 19:37

Ok this is probably part one of a multi post when i keep realising i've missed something else...

Pretty much all the riffs on sky babies

The bit just before the song starts properly on 'girlfriends clothes' the oooooooooh bit.

Too obvious i know but the solo on 'headfuck' - spent many a Saturday night on the dancefloor in the tache in blackpool, back to back air guitaring with my best mate.

The Chorus of 'Why you lie'

'god bless the wildhearts' on 'in like flynn'

The outtro to 'caprice', never really a fan of this song until the last few years hearing it live.

The breakneck speed (or at least it seems like it) on 'get your groove on' but then the chorus lets it down in my opinion.

I could go on.....the riff that kickstarts 'be my drug'

'drinking about life' fucking ace??
Life has teeth, and bites the feeding open hand.
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