Wildhearts bassist Scott Sorry?

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Wildhearts bassist Scott Sorry?

Postby whiteshadow » 22nd Oct 06, 21:17

on the new wildhearts myspace page it states that in the current line up is scott sorry. is this another new member?
For me the 'classic' line up of cj, danny, ritch and obviously ginger is the tightest!
I thought it was this line up that was going to be recording the new album?
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Postby psychodoyle2002 » 22nd Oct 06, 21:57

Scott Sorry was Ginger's mate who replaced Nikki Sixx in Brides of Destruction, so if he can do a good job of replacing him, I'm sure he'll be great in the Wildhearts.
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Postby davejnick » 22nd Oct 06, 22:02

He was also in Amen at one point.
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