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Wolvo to be filmed

PostPosted: 3rd Nov 06, 18:56
by Col
"The show will be filmed for a future DVD and promo video so come and get yer beautiful faces in on the action".

PostPosted: 3rd Nov 06, 19:32
by kris
Cool 8)

Whatever happened to all the footage from the GATSC gigs out of curiousity?

PostPosted: 4th Nov 06, 00:33
by Piedude
I already said this, I think I got ignored though :P
I assume the GATSC footage was used for the Yeah Yeah Yeah video on that japanese site...

PostPosted: 6th Nov 06, 17:42
by wez_wildheart
a promo?

odds on it's for a new single which will get an airing that night

i can feel it in me water