Promo's on Ebay ?

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Promo's on Ebay ?

Postby phildee33 » 9th Nov 06, 16:48


I have the red see thru case promo's for Urge & Anthem, (with the dalmatian and kittens on the CD's), and also the 'Pump It Up' promo with a bit of Bicycle pump in the spine.

I've not put 'em on ebay yet i just wanna know if there is any interest !

Any thoughts !?


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Postby Ean » 9th Nov 06, 17:56

Depend's on how much you want for 'em? :D
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Postby SteveP » 9th Nov 06, 19:58

I've got all 3, but they are quite collectable in my opinion, so you should get a fair bid for them
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Postby Wilddan1 » 9th Nov 06, 20:14

the pump it up promo with the Bycicle pump I am interested in.....

Personal Message me about it please
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