beer before the gig in wolves. december 21st

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beer before the gig in wolves. december 21st

Postby ada-v » 5th Dec 06, 03:29

so, where is everyone meeting for a wee drinkeypoo??

if its not too forward (as a bit of a neeb to this message board) may i suggest the feline and firkin?

its right at the top of the street opposite the bus/train station, so pretty much a piece of pi55 for those coming in on't pubic transport, and not a million miles away from the civic itself.

just a thought tho.

aint no party like an s club party.

yeah right! lmao
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Postby Ean » 18th Dec 06, 17:24

Here is a map of Wolvo town centre with some pubs marked on it :-


If anyone has any preferences, shout up, otherwise the F&F is as good a place as any. :D

Is anyone going to be around late afternoon-ish? 'Cos I finish work about midday and was going to make my way in early if there's something happening.
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