The Wildhearts Street Team? Promoting Wolves?

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The Wildhearts Street Team? Promoting Wolves?

Postby burgerrock » 11th Dec 06, 14:43

Not sure if there is one, but i think there should be!

Anyone else want to try and promote the Wildhearts show in wolvo?

I'm thinking post messages/announcements on other internet forums, send messages out on myspace, print some flyers out and drop them in pubs and records shops etc.. particularly if you from that neck of the woods

I'm wandering round cyber space now leaving some posts, anyone care to join me?

It would be absolutely awesome if it was sold out.

Whos joining the Wildhearts Army!?

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Postby Ben Wright » 15th Dec 06, 21:35

I don't know who does the press / promo for the Wildhearts,, but they want sorting out.

There has been nothing in the music press in the way of articles of ads.

No mention on radio either.

The DVD / new record angle would warrant a page lead in Kerrang! in my opinion.
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Postby geordierussell » 15th Dec 06, 21:53

I agree.

There should have been tons of press for this.

If they want a big crowd, so that the DVD looks good they need to promote it
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