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Postby Ean » 17th Jan 07, 15:26

sonicshake wrote:
Ean wrote:
sonicshake wrote:'The Hard Way' is a Steve Earle album.

So is 'El Corazon'!

Hmmm.... :wink:

'Borderline' is a Madonna song.

So is 'La Isla Bonita'!

Hmmm, Hmmm.... :wink:

I didn't know Ginger was a Madonna fan....

He probably isn't, I thought we were just searching for spurious connections...

Ean Ü

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Postby sonicshake » 17th Jan 07, 15:49

O.k, I've just looked up what the word 'spurious' means, and you were indeed correct!

I was being a sarcastic sod :D
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Postby Damian » 22nd Jan 07, 12:19

If this comes out when I think it'll come out, it'll be the same day as albums by Maximo Park and Fountains of Wayne, and the week after the new Arcade Fire album.

Someone wants me to stay broke forever.

Oh, and isn't the CJ album due out that week too now?
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