Lift for 1 from London??

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Lift for 1 from London??

Postby Wilddan1 » 16th Dec 06, 21:53

Is anyone travelling from London to the Wolverhampton gig next week?

A friend and true fan needs a lift, so if you can squeeze one more person into your gig mobile then please send me a message!

Cristina is only in England till early January and then has to go back to her home in Lanzarote, she moved out there early this year and has come back to blighty for a dose of good old U.K. Rock N' Roll !!

Please help!!
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Postby Trudi » 17th Dec 06, 12:21

Sorry, can't oblige I'm afraid - would normally be travelling from London but will be coming from Nottingham this time!
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Re Lift from London

Postby Count » 17th Dec 06, 23:11

I am travelling from London to the Wolverhamtpon gig and have an empty car so can definitely give a lift to anyone that needs one.

E-mail me at and we can arrange properly.
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