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Wolverhampton Novotel

Postby Keith Richard » 17th Dec 06, 20:39

Who else is booked in here? I understand that the Wulfrun is within easy staggering distance (I hope). Which bar we meeting up at? Who's providing the name tags? See y'all there....hic!
cause the chances are good that it wont let you down, like maybe drinking with Keith, or seeing Dolly Parton's tits...
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Postby Ean » 17th Dec 06, 23:15

I've marked the Novotel and the Wulfrun on the map. For those that don't know, the Wulfrun hall is round the back of the Civic, entry via Paternoster Row.

I've marked a few pubs on too - they're just ones I've been to off the top of my heid, and i'm not saying they're all great.

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Postby beerofthedark » 19th Dec 06, 23:39

Sam and me are at the Novotel, for one night only and out early next morning - but not necessarily out sober...
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Postby ArcticFox » 20th Dec 06, 13:06

I'm there too but not well at the moment. Hopefully will have recovered enoughh to manage a pint or 3 though :)
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Postby kitescreech » 20th Dec 06, 14:50

Tha Free Car Park is at the top end of Staford Street on the map (its off the map, but is sort of on the junction of the ring road, wher it says "multi map".
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Postby Damian » 20th Dec 06, 22:42

Due to the utterly evil weather, I have relented to pressure and it's now train and this hotel. Which at least means I can have a drink!
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Postby Damian » 20th Dec 06, 23:17

It'll be hectic getting up there so I don't know about pre-gig drinks, but if anyone after the gig that's in the hotel could kindly convene in the bar (and make sure you're wearing obvious "we were at the Wildhearts gig"-type shirts), we'll have a drink then. I'll be wearing a Clearlake T-shirt and will have three others in tow.

Although these alternative arrangements were a pain in the backside financially, a) not driving and b) being able to have a drink makes Damo a happy boy.
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Postby ArcticFox » 21st Dec 06, 09:55

I will be wearing my World vs The Wildhearts T-shirt as long as I actually make it down there on the train!
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