santa`s coming early and he`s got dread locks

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santa`s coming early and he`s got dread locks

Postby nig1012 » 19th Dec 06, 18:16

right hands up who`s mega mega mega excited and i`m not talkin about xmas either, the question is having just released a dvd with most of the obvious classics on and now filming another show so soon after whether or not he`ll change the set list because personally i don`t really want to buy another dvd with most of the same songs on and lets face it he`s got enough class material to change the complete set list and still have an awesome dvd.
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Postby kitescreech » 19th Dec 06, 22:11

Hands up !

Well, Id still want 29X, Sick of Drugs, I Wanna Go...

Everytime Ive seen the Wildhearts, or Ginger solo, its been a pretty different set-list; G&tSC seems a pretty "fixed" list ( not complain' ).

Hell, I dont care really, I just wanna go where the people go

Sky Babies would be nice though :D
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Postby beerofthedark » 19th Dec 06, 23:43

my hands are so far up, they're through the roof and letting the cold in.
THis is going to be a blast!!
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Postby Marc » 20th Dec 06, 21:36

Been waiting SO long for this 8)
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