JBs dudley xmas show 96

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JBs dudley xmas show 96

Postby twig.is.dead » 31st Dec 06, 13:11

Does anybody have a bootleg of this great show i know it was recorded i saw at least 2 people at the show with camcorders and one of those also had a tape recorder if anybody does have this show i would be most intrested?
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Postby Damian » 31st Dec 06, 18:48

I must have seen The Wildhearts around 20 times, but this is almost certainly the best show I ever saw them do.
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Postby ada-v » 2nd Jan 07, 02:09

oh wow!!!

this was the first WH gig i went to.

and even tho i was stone cold sober, i remember more from the wolves gig not long ago, and i was wrecked. lol

nice to hear from people who went too tho.
and it was a gr8 night.
aint no party like an s club party.

yeah right! lmao
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