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Re: TWAT lol

PostPosted: 6th Aug 06, 19:15
by Ean
easyginger wrote:
blackdeathcrew wrote:T.W.A.T. (which is on 'a break in the weather', and was going to be a singles club release) features Alex Kane on it :D

The War Against Terrorism, or The War Against TheBsides?

Thin White And Tasty, apparently. :D

PostPosted: 27th Nov 06, 10:47
by outlaw2276
I paid the £60 too, got the five singles and then it went very quiet... Tried getting hold of Infernal Records through Directory Enquiries, but kept on getting put through to Inferno records instead - they hadn't got a clue what I was on about as they're a dance label!

I thought I'd heard that Infernal had gone tits up, didn't expect to see any of the money again. Be nice if I did though... :P

PostPosted: 30th Sep 09, 21:09
by Jesterhead
I still need cars and vaginas if anyone has a spare copy they dont want?