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Super$hit 666

PostPosted: 10th Feb 06, 21:17
by Johnny
Shouldn't that title have a $ instead of a S?!

Super$hit 666.... :wink:

Awesome EP though...

PostPosted: 11th Feb 06, 01:37
by Piedude
Didnt the notes in "A break In The Weather" say he wanted to use the name again for something?

PostPosted: 11th Feb 06, 13:21
by Nik
I think Super$hit 666 is the one thing Ginger's done that I haven't been able to get into. Not that I can't appreciate a nice bit of din (being as I am, also quite fond of S.Y.L.) ...but I think I only ever tried listening to it twice!

PostPosted: 11th Feb 06, 18:17
by Aj
Same here, the only song I ever really listened to on there was Dangermind. I'll give it another try one day.
S.Y.L are amazing \m/


PostPosted: 11th Feb 06, 18:33
by Glen666
It's not as instantly likeable as the usual stuff but if you stick with it it's great. Shame there was never a full album.

PostPosted: 11th Feb 06, 18:56
by Piedude
Strange, when I heard the clips of Wire out and Fast One on the website they seemed like some of the more instantly likeable stuff...maybe thats just me.

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 16:40
by Col
I instantly took to it, an all out assault on the eardrums. Love the Overkill bit aswell.

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 18:52
by Glen666
Yeah, I took to it straight away too but for some people it's not as melodic and catchy as the 'hearts material.

What did everyone think of Clam Abuse ? That's definately a grower.

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 21:19
by Chris Davies
yeah clam abuse is definatley a grower , at first i honestly what is this bollox , but over time i have come to love it , songs like 'shes so taboo' 'theres always someone more fucked up than you' just amaze me really catchy , 'unlucky in love' and 'message to geri' are just funny :D , to sum it up just madness with hugely catchy songs,

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 21:31
by getting it on tuesday
i truely think that clam abuse is one of the worst albums i have ever listened to. it just does nothing for me, apart from shes so taboo and unlucky in love. its just a disappointment knowing how good ginger can be and how poor clam abuse was.

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 12:10
by Gimpston
i loved Super$hit instantly, i always hoped that they would release some more stuff. I think the Clam Abuse album was good too, and the experience of seeing them live was bizarre. They even played Beautiful Thing You and Give the Girl a Gun

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 13:22
by EvilNeil
What did everyone think of Clam Abuse ?

the only songs i like on stop thinking were 'com togethter' and 'shes so taboo' i thought the rest of the album was complete bollox !! super$hit 666 on the other hand, i loved it first time i heard them, i would lve them to do a full album and a tour...

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 17:27
by Piedude
I like it, but theres a few songs I never listen to (Stop Thinking wise). Some of the things between songs get old fast though.

PostPosted: 19th Feb 06, 06:26
by JSayonara
You gotta listen to Clam Abuse when you're hammered it all makes sense then, mind you it's a fuckin' great album anyway Unlucky in Love shoudda ended up on SG5 if you ask me would have come in nicely after Monkey Zoo........Still waiting for the Sonic Circus in Wales mind lol

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 19:20
by pete gusher
ive lost my stop thinking disc
and i fucking love that album!
would be nice to see clam abuse part 2 but havent ginger and alex fallen out?