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Postby EvilElvis » 20th Feb 06, 23:30

lemo wrote:ive lost my stop thinking disc
and i fucking love that album!
would be nice to see clam abuse part 2 but havent ginger and alex fallen out?

Think so - According to an old Interview Ginger di with Metal Sludge. I met Alex once and asked him when the next Clam Abuse album would be out, was informed "When hell freezes over.."

I loved Clam Abuse & Liked some of Super$hit
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Postby pete gusher » 21st Feb 06, 01:00

ahhh ollie!
must have been you that told me about that then
pete gusher
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Postby Glen666 » 14th Mar 06, 00:42

It was great but probrably best left a one off.

Somethings are better that way.
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Postby dtmthinktank » 15th Mar 06, 18:20

Hello, I'm new!

I love both super$hit 666 and clam abuse, it's great stuff, and proves how good Ginger is at doing...well anything he feels like doing really.
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Postby Glen666 » 15th Mar 06, 20:16

Well said mate. I love the Clam Abuse album. Unlucky In Love and There's Always Someone More Fucked Up Than You are two of his best songs I reckon.

Mind you, I can't really think of any even slightly dodgy songs he's written.
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Postby craigdopes » 18th Mar 06, 10:46

I loved the CLam Abuse album from the second i bought it :D

Same with Super$hit 666, fucking ruled

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