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SG5 - studio tapes.

PostPosted: 16th Mar 06, 23:28
by dyanetski
I bought off ebay a studio tape apperantly from the recording of the sg5 album a while back, I havnt actually got it yet, as the seller is a total arsehole who takes money and doesnt send things. Does anyone who anything about these thou, dont understand how they ended up on ebay, the bloke has a few of them though.

Re: SG5 - studio tapes.

PostPosted: 17th Mar 06, 23:13
by Dark Lord of Barnet
dyanetski wrote:dont understand how they ended up on ebay.
I expect Ginger would like to know how that happened as well... :(

PostPosted: 18th Mar 06, 00:57
by dyanetski
that was kinda my thought. if i ever actually receive it I was considering emailer Ginger and asking if he wants it, seems a bit "wrong" for them to be out there.

PostPosted: 26th Mar 06, 16:11
by skychaserhigh
2 more on e-bay at the mo!

PostPosted: 26th Mar 06, 23:31
by dyanetski
yeah i wouldnt reccomend buying them, i have been waiting 2 months for mine.

PostPosted: 2nd Apr 06, 20:54
by dyanetski
i have it now. it has 3 tracks, says the producer was tim smith. i need to get it played really, to see if its the real deal. there is a sheet of paper with handwritten lyrics in the box too. if Ginger wants the tape back he is welcome to it as far as I am concerned its his. I may well email him. :)

SG5-studio tapes.

PostPosted: 3rd Apr 06, 20:24
by idiottoast
Which song are the lyrics for,coz i have a feeling that they are the lyrics for one of the Alice Cooper songs that Ginger wrote.If they are,i would keep them very,VERY safe,if i were you.

PostPosted: 4th Apr 06, 19:41
by dyanetski
right, on the box is written:

1. Doggin

2. Kiss Me.

3. Take it all

Lyric sheet is for Friction In My System.

PostPosted: 4th Apr 06, 19:43
by dyanetski
if whats on the other thread is true then the lyrics are for a Alice Cooper song yes.

SG5-studio tapes.

PostPosted: 4th Apr 06, 23:59
by idiottoast
Look`s like you`ve gone and got yourself a really cool and interesting piece of Ginger memorabilia there, nice one.The post on the other thread is true(as far as i know,and no one has corrected it),coz i put it up.I might be showing myself up as total WiLDHEART`S /Ginger anorak here,but when these tapes were up on ebay i saved the pictures in my pictures on my computer,don`t know why,but i did,and have got pictures of the lyrics for all three of these songs.Why these lyrics were seperated from the tape with the Alice Cooper songs on is anyones guess,but i would imagine your not complaining :D .

PostPosted: 5th Apr 06, 11:27
by dyanetski
nah pretty cool thing to have ain't it?? :D