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Black Leather Mojo

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 16:38
by Col
I bought the Expanded version of BL Mojo not long ago. The quality sounds like it is vinyl being played with fluff on the needle.

Is this deliberate, anyone else got similar?

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 18:02
by kris
I think the sound quality of the japanese version is far better than the UK version :?

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 18:49
by Glen666
Yeah, you're right. I have both and the original Jap version is much better quality. Strange as the UK release was a remastered and improved version apparently.

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 19:15
by DiggityDawg
Yeah...I never listen to the UK release of the main album. Love all the bonus stuff that came with it, but I always listen to my Japanese copy of the album itself.

PostPosted: 12th Feb 06, 19:24
by Col
Cheers folks, put my mind at rest.

Maybe anyone thinking of buying BLM should go for the Japanese copy.

Youre right about the Bonus disk, quality stuff.

PostPosted: 13th Feb 06, 21:08
by pissjoy
only 8.99 at
no i dont work for them

PostPosted: 14th Feb 06, 15:48
by Bad Karma
I still need to get this album.

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 12:06
by Gimpston
The SG5 live tracks on the Bonus CD of the 2 Disc Box are probably my favourite live recordings of the ones i own. I also love the three new tracks at the end of the CD, More is the Law is a stomper

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 15:27
by EvilNeil
does anyone remember that 'walk like a motherfucker' was going to be used in a film?? did it actually happen? i never heard any more about it!!

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 19:48
by Gimpston
yeah it's in a film (well a bit of it is) called Spun. Billy Corgan does the music for the movie too. Rather ace film, i recommend it

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 21:31
by EvilNeil
cheers mate, will have to check that film out!!

PostPosted: 17th Feb 06, 22:59
by Gimpston
i think it's cheap on at the mo

PostPosted: 18th Feb 06, 12:51
by Sully
Gimpston wrote:yeah it's in a film (well a bit of it is) called Spun. Billy Corgan does the music for the movie too. Rather ace film, i recommend it

I fucking love that film. Fucks your head up watching it hungover on a comedown. Never even realised Walk Like A Motherfucker was on it! What a spaz.
I love the acoustic version of Number Of the Beast at the start!

PostPosted: 19th Feb 06, 19:41
by Nik
I'm another one that never listens to the UK version. I got the Japanese version when it came out, then got the UK two disc set, played it once and thought "Huh?", and it's been in it's box ever since.

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 13:53
by Bad Karma
I've just ordered the UK 2 CD version and i can't wait to hear it.