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sg5 / motley crue

PostPosted: 11th Jun 07, 23:43
by gnrblues
good to hear two sg5 tracks being played at the motley crue gig tonight while waitin for the band to come on stage !

anyone else go ? ......missed papa roach , cos was still in the que to get in , no tommy lee , and set cut short by about 40 mins !!!

still , it f`kin rocked !

ps , is there no air con at hammersmith appolo ?

PostPosted: 12th Jun 07, 01:04
by Trudi
The aircon was on, but it had it's work cut out compensating for all that pyro...and did you hear Urge and Destroy All Monsters too? I think a certain bass player had the final say on what was being played! :D

I thought the stand-in drummer was fantastic, and despite the brevity of the gig it was better value for money than the last Wembley outing (though from the booing and bottle throwing going on afterwards I think I'm in the minority there...) not sure that I've ever seen that much pyro in a venue with a roof, that alone was worth the ticket price!

Hammersmith as a venue is going down the toilet though - closing the bar at 10pm can only be described as abject twattery, and security not letting people use the toilets before leaving but directing them to the auto-loo across the road...well I would say that's taking the piss, but that would be the wrong choice of words... :roll:

PostPosted: 12th Jun 07, 04:00
by Keith Richard
As usual, I'm way behind. What's the story with Tommy?

PostPosted: 12th Jun 07, 14:23
by RDP
Keith Richard wrote:As usual, I'm way behind. What's the story with Tommy?

See ... emID=74453

PostPosted: 24th Jun 07, 23:45
by Dark Lord of Barnet
I loved the show, and although it was a short set all the pyro was fantastic - the tickets cost more than Velvet Revolver the previous week but it was well worth it!