Dying Art Of The Chorus / Same Again

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Dying Art Of The Chorus / Same Again

Postby robdy2k » 2nd Feb 08, 13:23

Hey all

Was just wondering if anyone could fix me up with a high quality copy of these two songs from A Break In The Weather please?

It's the one Ginger release I don't own as I have all the singles from the singles club already and therefore cannot justify buying this CD (£11.98 on Amazon) for two tracks.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks a lot!
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Postby Ean » 2nd Feb 08, 14:18

So you've got He's A Man and T.W.A.T., (the other two unreleased singles club tracks) but you don't have Dying Art Of The Chorus? Odd. :?

See this thread for details of Same Again.

Unfortunately, due to the whole 'it's illegal' thing, openly trading copywrited and commercially released tracks through the messageboard is not allowed. Sorry.

Live bootlegs and the old WH demos have been given a cautionary 'OK' from Ginger as long as no-one makes money, other than covering any duplication and postage costs.

HMV have A Break In The Weather for a tenner and free postage though. :D
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