BLM Reissue?

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BLM Reissue?

Postby sonicadz » 7th Apr 08, 14:29

Hey guys

So I bought the album b4 there was a uk release from japan(like many on here I reckon), then again when they got a deal in the uk. No big deal I thought as the uk version had two discs and worth forking out for again.

Today I've seen, on ebay aand a few other sites, a version with a track called "Doggin" and "To love somebody". Does anyone know how this came about and why?

Bit miffed
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Postby Ean » 7th Apr 08, 14:35

Doggin' and To Love Somebody are both on the original Japanese SG5 release* (along with Too Many Hippies (In The Garden Of Love)), they just aren't credited on the sleeve.

The only version they don't appear on is the UK double CD in the card sleeve. See the FiveMilesHigh entry for more.

* The one where all the 'A's are replaced by stars and the 'S's by 5's
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Postby sonicadz » 7th Apr 08, 15:53

.... Checks cd in cd player.....................

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!! How the hell have I missed these tracks for the past, what... 6 years?!?!?!?!

Many, many thanks Ean!! I am an utter fool!!!!!

Loved hearing "To Love Somebody" in manc on the accoustic tour. AND the SG5 version is bloody great.

Adz, you idiot.
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