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Black Leather Mojo

PostPosted: 27th May 06, 23:03
by horrid_jon
Always been a huge Wildhearts fan, and recently wondered what had happened to.. well, basically Ginger I guess.

After some ask-google research, I picked up Valor Del Corazon which I thought was great. Like the Wildhearts but slightly better, i thought.

Then I did more research and picked up BLM, --- Jesus H Christ this ROCKS

It's actually pulling me off VDC at the moment its that good. I've got tickets for the warmup gig in sheffield an now all I want is loads of SG5 songs mixed in!!

Its just one of the best albums I have ever, ever heard. Almost flawless. The fact that record companies in the UK wouldn't touch this makes me want to puke. What is wrong with people? Are all out musical tastes now decided by the likes of Simon F**king Cowell? Crazy Frog gets a deal but this doesn't??

These people sicken me. Roll on Round Records, that's what I say.

Oh, yeah, and if you're reading this Ginger, pls pls pls pick up the phone to Conny Bloom and pull the dust sheets off SG5. WE WANT MORE!!!


PostPosted: 31st May 06, 05:03
by Michael Wade
Glad you refound Ginger. As far as how the man has not yet gotten huge, well, craigdopes tag from the Sun says it all. . . .

PostPosted: 31st May 06, 10:37
by blackdeathcrew
BLM is probably my all time favourite album - glad ya found it mate 8)

PostPosted: 11th Jun 06, 21:59
by geordierussell
Does anyone have a spare copy of the double cd version of Black Leather Mojo they fancy selling?

I don't fancy paying the 32 quid on e-bay.

PostPosted: 11th Jun 06, 22:04
by Col
They are all double CD versions?

PostPosted: 11th Jun 06, 22:30
by Chris Davies
the japanesse version is just the one disk.

PostPosted: 11th Jun 06, 22:44
by geordierussell

PostPosted: 16th Jun 06, 19:08
by geordierussell
Just bought it today from Windows, in the Central Arcade for £8.99. And it's the double one.

PostPosted: 16th Jun 06, 20:24
by Col
expanded version?

PostPosted: 30th Jul 06, 18:23
by Andy_Must_Be_Destroyed
I love the expanded version.

"Last Bastard In Heaven" is possibly one of my favourite songs ever. 8)

PostPosted: 8th Aug 06, 17:28
by fluffygrue
Nyah, I only have the single CD version at the moment.

But it really does rock like a super rocking thing.

Would love to see more of the tracks live, tho..

PostPosted: 27th Nov 06, 16:28
by outlaw2276

All three of those have the same cover as the Japanese version I got from Changes 1 a couple of years back. Bought the UK release as well - that one came in 2 seperate CD cases in a leather-look cardboard sleeve, one case was white and the other was black, both with a star in the middle. The shrink wrap had a sticker on the back with some sleeve notes from Dante Bonutto IIRC. I think the Japanese one was only one CD tho.