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Postby vickyp » 29th Apr 09, 00:07

I was reminded of the ace video for Sonic Shake today: http://tinyurl.com/sonicshake
It's still awesome. Thought it might be a handy reminder for those who are still sat on the fence, a couple of people have said to me recently (not on here I might add) that they'd like to go to the shows but are feeling too skint. I say life's too short to regret missing this, money comes and goes but shows like this do not. So I'm just going to leave this link here, and maybe a few other places on the web, and see what happens.
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Postby markE » 29th Apr 09, 10:39

oooh yess!!!!!!! what a great video.

reckon we can get the place looking like that in london next week?
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