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Silver Ginger 5 site

PostPosted: 26th Jun 09, 05:00
by burgerrock
Has gone up on facebook. Says its official and all that jazz ... 948?ref=nf

Great review been posted on there from Kerrang!

PostPosted: 30th Jun 09, 21:27
by neil
Is there any news from anyone, okay, Ean, on how official this is/ who's behind it? Given Black Leather Mojo is on Ginger's discography on his page it's quite suprising SG5 have been given a seperate page. If it does originate from official sources, I'd love to get over optimistic about this being about getting some support for new SG5 work. In terms of all Ginger albums it's still 2nd best for me, only narrowly beaten by Earth Vs, and live I think I prefer them to anything Ginger has done. All three of them were just full on performers (I'm not including the drummer as they have to sit still), and while I loved the recent Ginger shows and the musicianship of his current band is fantastic, SG5 put on a show in a way none of his other line ups have. Even G&TSC, even though they had the same people, it was diluted a little as a spectacle by having so many others on stage. I say get Denzel on drums with the rest of SG5, another album of a similar quality and style, and we might just have the most celebratory tour ever.

It's not gonna happen though is it?

PostPosted: 30th Jun 09, 22:28
by Sarc
Yup it's official, not sure who put it up but I imagine its the big man himself although dont quote me on that one. I wouldnt get to optimistic though but y'never know we've been surprised before.