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Newcastle Trillians- 20th Oct

PostPosted: 4th Oct 09, 22:18
by Col

Get there in time to see Supercharger - riffs a plenty!!

PostPosted: 5th Oct 09, 17:10
by Andwah
How much?

PostPosted: 6th Oct 09, 19:30
by Col
The Brum one is £5

PostPosted: 6th Oct 09, 20:19
by Andwah
Definately worth conning someone into driving up there.

PostPosted: 6th Oct 09, 22:55
by Col
Been relaibly told IT'S FREE!!!

PostPosted: 7th Oct 09, 17:30
by Andwah
I'll get the bus then. Class!

PostPosted: 8th Oct 09, 20:52
by jd
was just going to post this. Cheers col!