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SaTS, Supercharger, Newcastle

PostPosted: 21st Oct 09, 01:00
by Col
Great night but piss poor turnout especially for a free gig. The N East should be ashamed of itself.


PostPosted: 21st Oct 09, 11:20
by SteveP
where's the masterpiece of Scott's photography skills then????

I'm having a chuckle again at how you got him to do it!!

PostPosted: 21st Oct 09, 12:01
by weebleboy
Top class gig, shame about the turnout, but after the turnout of the WH gig did you expect much else?

Would've been awesome if it had been on a Friday night so they could've converted some of the passing through crowd.

Still, really enjoyed the gig, Supercharger impressed as well.

PostPosted: 21st Oct 09, 12:16
by neiljunkster
Great gig despite the poor turnout, both bands were on top form. Had only heard a few Sinatras songs on myspace but il defo be getting the album now. Good to see Scott appreciating Supercharger aswell, he seemed really into them!! Top night!

PostPosted: 21st Oct 09, 18:45
by Andwah
Really good gig, real shame there weren't more there but if it wasn't for this board i doubt i'd have known about it.

PostPosted: 21st Oct 09, 19:41
by Col
Who was who then, we muat have been the crowd!!!

PostPosted: 21st Oct 09, 19:51
by Col
See if you can guess the story behind this:
And more

PostPosted: 21st Oct 09, 20:45
by vickyp
looks like a top night Col. Any more broken pint glasses to report? :wink:

PostPosted: 21st Oct 09, 21:03
by Col
No but there was a rather nasty doorman ushering us out of the pub.