Sorry & The Sinatras - Leeds, October 22nd 2009

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Sorry & The Sinatras - Leeds, October 22nd 2009

Postby sidecar » 22nd Oct 09, 13:28

A while back when I saw that Sorry and The Sinatras were playing Joseph's Wells in Leeds tonight, I thought to myself, (and others around at the time, as it happens...) 'they're a pretty fine band, I shall go to that...' feeling somewhat proactive, (and slightly smug that I was perhaps about to finally learn the lesson of previous experiences...) I bought myself two tickets to save the frustration of finding myself sat at home with no money for to get in come gig time... All good you might think....

Guess what... I'm fucking ill... :cry: How's about that for a kick in the nuts...?

Which brings me to my point... basically, I've got two tickets which aren't gonna get used, so if anyone in Leeds, or the surrounding area... (Or anywhere else for that matter...) wants them, send me a message and maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement...

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