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Star War

PostPosted: 18th Feb 06, 17:35
by PC Tan
Which version of "Star War" does everyone prefer? The version on SuperShit666 or the version that was recorded by the Backyard Babies for their great album "Making Enemies Is Good"?

I hope there will be more collaberations with the 'Babies!.. A mighty fine sound they make together.

PostPosted: 19th Feb 06, 00:44
by Col
Backyard Babies are so good it's untrue. Isn't one version called Star Wars jr?

Thet would have been one hell of a tour if BB hadn't pulled out, but T? stepped in and made it a memorable nite. The thing is I can't remember much about it hahaha.

PostPosted: 20th Feb 06, 14:09
by Bad Karma
Yeah the one on Supershit 666 is called Star War jr.

PostPosted: 22nd Feb 06, 16:08
by dingwall
Random fact of the day:

Satr War was originally supposed to be a Dregen solo single. Before he left the Hellacopters they decided to release four solo singles (ala Kiss). That was the song that he wrote, but the plan never came to fruition.

And yes, the S$666 version is called Star War Jr.

PostPosted: 14th Mar 06, 00:39
by Glen666
Great song, I prefer the S$666 version myself.

PostPosted: 10th Apr 09, 20:07
by idiottoast
Star war jr is the b side to degenerated,the new backyard babies 7" single.Seems a bit strange to use a ten year old song on a brand new release,unless there`s going to be a re-release,or perhaps some new material(fingers crossed,fingers crossed).Also,does it mean the BYB`s and ginger are friends again ?,coz i believe they fell out.

PostPosted: 5th May 09, 13:09
by Velvet Presley
I definitely prefer the SS666 version - it's just a bit more dirty and heavy.