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Links Page Suspicion

PostPosted: 26th Feb 06, 11:30
by godofhaircare
Has anyone else noticed that the links page here doesn't have a link to the Backyard Babies site?

I know it's under construction but still you'd think there would still be a link to it.


PostPosted: 28th Feb 06, 10:28
by kateyay
I wouldn't read too much into it - the links were suggested by Ginger as a list of bands he recommended people to listen to, more than a "here are some related bands to anything I've ever done" type thing..

...i think!

PostPosted: 28th Feb 06, 11:39
by godofhaircare
Well, I think there should be a link to the backyard babies site in that case cause they rock!!!!

Even if they don't play over here that much.

PostPosted: 28th Feb 06, 21:42
by dingwall
Bit pointless since their site is offline at the moment :~P