Drummer Wanted

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Drummer Wanted

Postby Gimpston » 17th Feb 06, 12:33

Please delete this post if it's inappropriate because i'm not quite sure of the rules

We are a band who used to be in the poppy punk sort of vein but are now looking to write some more riff laden gems reminiscient of the Wildhearts, SG5 etc

So if you live in the Wolverhampton area or are near enough to travel there please send me a PM and i'll give you any details you require

Sorry again if this post does not tie in with board conduct
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Postby kateyay » 17th Feb 06, 13:14

this is the off-topic board, and it's off, topic, so go for it! :) :mrgreen:
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Postby taz » 22nd Feb 06, 17:23

It's funny how drummers are always wanted in areas where drummers don't live. Ok that's not funny at all, that makes perfect sense...I'll shut up now.
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Postby ilayad » 23rd Feb 06, 22:49

Drummers have places to live? i thought all drummers were nomadic, turning up behind wherever there was a drumkit that needed playing.... ready to entertain the masses and rock their cotton socks off (or scary lycra shorts, delete as appropriate...)

okay that was random, but i'm not sorry :wink:


Gun for Hire, get in touch for details!
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