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Re: Intro-duck-tions

PostPosted: 19th Nov 10, 02:35
by WildCat
I saw someone wearing a Wildhearts tee at a Linkin Park gig and it made me smile :)

Re: Intro-duck-tions

PostPosted: 12th Jan 11, 23:54
by tommycraven
So aparently i've had a log in here since 2006, forgot about that! But I'm back now, at least intermitently, hows everyone doing in this great big world of Wildheart related goodness? :)

Re: Intro-duck-tions

PostPosted: 13th Jan 11, 11:09
by markE
tommycraven wrote:So aparently i've had a log in here since 2006, forgot about that! But I'm back now, at least intermitently, hows everyone doing in this great big world of Wildheart related goodness? :)

welcome back.

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PostPosted: 24th Mar 11, 21:18
by lost johnny
name : JK
a guess at your age : 48 going on 18
general location : bristle

favourite Ginger-related song : 29 x the pain
favourite Ginger-related band : most of the bands in 29 x [corny or what?]
favourite band ever : changes by the hour
the song that sums up your life : changes by the minute

favourite non-alcoholic drink : milkshake
favourite alcoholic beverage : cider
bananas - yay or nay? : oh yay

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PostPosted: 25th Mar 11, 09:16
by beerofthedark
Pull up a pew, put your feet up and call the cat a bastard.
And help yourself to biscuits.

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PostPosted: 3rd May 11, 22:56
by tustintime
name : Matt, aka Velv, aka Clunge2000, aka Tustin.
a guess at your age : 31. OLD AS THE EARTH
general location : Burnley, UK

favourite Ginger-related song : Pfft.. No idea. Today, it is probably Zeen Requiem
favourite Ginger-related band : Da Wyldhartz
favourite band ever : Wildhearts/Strapping Young Lad/Faith No More
the song that sums up your life : I have no idea. My life is changing in BIG WAYS. Ask me again in two Months.

favourite non-alcoholic drink : COFFEE
favourite alcoholic beverage : Red Wine.
bananas - yay or nay? : Take it or leave it.

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PostPosted: 20th Nov 11, 21:22
by Stejy
After many a year of lurking on the board I figured it was about time I said hallo.

name : Stejy
a guess at your age : 32, last time I checked.
general location : If Kent is 'the garden of England' then I live in the compost heap, the Medway Towns.

favourite Ginger-related song : 29 X The Pain, Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time, This Is Only A Problem, Sky Babies, Loveshit, Church Of The Broken Hearted, to name the first ones that spring to mind.
favourite Ginger-related band : Gotta be The Wildhearts.
favourite band ever : The Wildhearts, closely followed by Manic Street Preachers / Therapy?.
the song that sums up your life : Sorry, impossible to pick just one.

favourite non-alcoholic drink : Tea, for I am an English Gentleman.
favourite alcoholic beverage : JD and coke. Rock 'n' Roll mouthwash.
bananas - yay or nay? : Yay to bananas, nay to banana flavoured things.

Re: Intro-duck-tions

PostPosted: 29th Nov 11, 00:05
by Deewal

Been a fan of Wildhearts/Ginger since '92, and looking forward to seeing them next week in Manchester. Be good to hook up with other fans. :D


PostPosted: 9th Jan 12, 22:51
by DeanSoDisco
name : Dean
a guess at your age : 21
general location : Merseyside

favourite Ginger-related song : Right now Soundog Babylon
favourite Ginger-related band : The Wildhearts
favourite band ever : Faith No More/Wildhearts/Electric Six/Manics/Therapy?/Mansun/mclusky/Jack Off Jill, God knows, too many to consider...I do bitch about most things I love as well albeit.
the song that sums up your life : Bad Time to be Having a Bad Time

favourite non-alcoholic drink : Pepsi Max, stuff of God's.
favourite alcoholic beverage : No drinking anymore (/one of two new years resolutions kept for a while :P)
bananas - yay or nay? : Quick carbs, mmm...

Hello everyone, glad to have found this place.

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PostPosted: 20th Feb 12, 03:02
by Nemoness
Apparently, I've had an account for a while and not posted... I shall remedy this.

name : Vikki
a guess at your age : 22
general location : Cumbria, the land of sheep and farms

favourite Ginger-related song : My Baby Is A Headfuck
favourite Ginger-related band :The Wildhearts, or bands not involving Ginger but related somehow - Jackdaw 4
favourite band ever : Guns N' Roses
the song that sums up your life : There's no possible way I could choose, there's too many influential songs

favourite non-alcoholic drink : Tropical fruit juice
favourite alcoholic beverage : Makers Mark bourbon
bananas - yay or nay? : Yay, most definitely.

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PostPosted: 2nd Jun 12, 03:58
by Monica_ICE
Hi. I'm Monica who hath many nicknames. I'm 35 now. I'm catching back up with myself after being removed from music for a long time against my will.

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PostPosted: 2nd Jun 12, 13:41
by bucks
welcome aboard! :D


PostPosted: 3rd Jun 12, 02:51
by Sarc
Image I'll just leave this here even though there'll only be about three people who'll get it.

Re: Intro-duck-tions

PostPosted: 3rd Jun 12, 16:26
by Zoloft
Been around a while, but don't think I've ever actually posted in this thread.

I'm Russell, from Las Vegas, Nevada, US of A. You may also recognize my name from the Formspring thingy.

Discovered the Wildhearts after an (if I recall correctly) Entertainment Weekly review of the Vanilla Radio single. The review made it sound right up my alley, so, surprisingly, I found Must Be Destroyed in my local mall record shop and purchased it on a whim. Was love at first spin, and I've been a devoted Gingerologist since.

Sadly, I've never been able to see Ginger in any of his incarnations live, but, would of course love to do so some day, and again and again and again.

Favorite Wildhearts track, the live in the studio version from Anachronistic Airwaves, favorite solo/other track probably "This Is Only A Problem."

ummmm. . . guess that covers it. . . so, finally, officially, hello!

Re: Intro-duck-tions

PostPosted: 11th Dec 14, 16:34
by MaddMatt
Thought I'd introduce meself...

name : Matt
a guess at your age : late 30's
general location : Cannockish, unless I'm at work, then I'm Stokeish

favourite Ginger-related song : currently Tea & Toxins
favourite Ginger-related band project : Mutation
favourite band ever : in deference to the above, The Wildhearts
the song that sums up your life : This Is Only A Problem

favourite non-alcoholic drink : Tea
favourite alcoholic beverage : Real Ale, the darker the better
bananas - yay or nay? : yay